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Sentinel has confirmed it

In accordance with the strict quality criteria, Freiburg’s Sentinel Haus Institut has classified the dry fills CW1000 and CW2000 as low-emission building materials and listed them in the “Healthier Buildings” building directory. This directory acts as a digital presentation and communication platform for planners, developers, tradespeople and investors.

The Sentinel Haus Institut is one of the leading engineering services providers which offers a comprehensive range of services for healthier building. The concept makes it possible to build, renovate and operate buildings to high interior-hygiene standards on a scientific basis.

Indoor air that is harmful to health: The solution is to have the right building concept

Modern thermal insulation is producing increasingly denser building envelopes with little exchange of air. As a consequence, there are increasing requirements for the building materials that have a positive impact on creating a healthier indoor climate.