Highly durable dry fills

Consistently ecological – technically unbeatable

Whether in a new or old building: Choosing the right building materials has a huge impact on the interior climate and our sense of wellbeing. Forward-thinking developers choose nature’s new dream pairing: Wood chips with a mineral coat. They combine the best characteristics to create a versatile hybrid building material that offers unique benefits. With us you can build ecologically, economically and live in a healthy way!



Enviromental product declaration for CEMWOOD products

Unique: CEMWOOD fills reduce CO2 emissions.

TOP CLIP: Apply, level, done. Could not be quicker.



The right fill for every requirement.
From extra-fine to extra-strong


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Wood chips with a mineral coat

In our patented CEMWOOD manufacturing process, defined wood chippings are mineralised without using any chemical additives: Natural like wood, resistens like stone.