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CW 3000

CW3000: The extra-strong one.

Spezialschüttung für Sportböden, Schütthöhe: 10 – 80 mm

CW3000 is developed specifically for sports floors subject to high dynamic loads. The extra-strong mineralisation increases the compressive grain strength and makes the fill extremely durable. The special mixture contains various grain sizes. This makes the grain structure compact and it can be subjected to even higher loads.

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Areas of application CW3000

  • As a special levelling fill under sports floors subject to dynamic and regular impacts

Product advantages

  • High compressive grain strength
  • Extremely stable setting
  • Highly resilient
  • Thermally insulating and impact-sound-absorbing
  • Resistant to mould, fungi, rodents
  • No swelling or shrinkage
  • Low weight
  • Quick processing without water
  • No binders
  • No compaction
  • Can be walked on immediately after application
  • No waste material

Technical data

Chip size5 – 10 mm
Fire behaviourClass Bfl-S1
Thermal conductivity0,085 W/mK
Bulk densityca. 370 kg/m³
Uniform load distribution3,7 kg per cm height
Installation height10-80 mm
Packaging unit50 litres
Material requirement per cm of fill height10 litres per m²

Application examples