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From wood chip to end product

And so how is a wood chip turned into a highly efficient, ecological hybrid building material?
In our patented CEMWOOD manufacturing process, defined wood chippings are mineralised without using any chemical additives. The wood chippings are mineralised using a high-quality hydraulic binder. The effect of this is that, as well as the chip surface, the open pore spaces of the wood structure are provided with a strengthening and preserving calcium silicate hydrate layer. The further treatment of the mineralised chip fractions in multiple stages is followed, at the end of the process, by thermal drying of the CEMWOOD fills using 100% renewable energies from biomass power plants or biogas plants.

Only natural raw materials are used to manufacture the products from CEMWOOD. Studies based on the AgBB test scheme demonstrate that CEMWOOD fills are safe in terms of their emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and therefore also do not have any adverse effect on the subsequent use of a building.

CEMWOOD relies on long-standing partners when it comes to the suppliers of the raw materials used for our levelling fills. The production of the wood chips is noted for the environmentally friendly production technology that conserves resources. Only fresh wood from forests in Central Europe is used for production.

Our approach: We make the very best use of wood as a building material

While retaining the positive wood properties, such as the low weight, with mineralisation we improve the properties of the wood material in respect of its mechanics, durability, behaviour in a fire and resilience. For example, the CEMWOOD levelling fill with Bfl-s1 (flame-retardant) offers a persuasive choice with significantly improved fire-protection properties.

Holz und- späne

As stable and secure as a bound fill

Our fill products impress with their extremely high positional stability and excellent load transfer while being simultaneously stable. In the standard combination with load-distributing heat and impact sound absorbing layers, dry CEMWOOD levelling fills are in no way inferior to bound fills. The positional stability – resulting from the defined chip properties – also ensures that the levelling layer is durable and can therefore be used immediately after levelling.

Long-lasting and dimensionally stable

The mineralisation suppresses water absorption – the swelling and shrinkage that is typical of wood is thus avoided. The CEMWOOD fills are also resistant to mould, fungi, rodents, insect infestation and rot.

Responsibility and environmental protection

Our fill products based on wood as a renewable resource are CO2–binding when they are used. Our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) demonstrates that one cubic metre of CEMWOOD levelling fill binds 95 kilograms of CO2. This is equivalent to a gas volume of approx. 50,000 litres of CO2. An active contribution to protecting the environment and climate.