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Application areas DEKO STIXX

  • Garden beds and plant boxes
  • Parking facilities
  • Sloping plots
  • Enclosing trees and shrubs

Product advantages

  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Positionally stable and non-drifting
  • No expensive additional mulching
  • Lower fertiliser requirement
  • Water conserving (reduced evaporation)
  • Plant-friendly as hardly any rotting
  • Colour-stable, non-fading
  • Can be used creatively
  • Weed-repellent
  • No soil erosion

Technical data

Max. chip length60 mm
Bulk densityapprox. 260 kg/m³
Rec. fill height5 – 10 cm
Packaging unit50 litres / sack
2000 litres/ big bag

GaLa DEKO STIXX: For creative gardeners

The starting product is regional fresh wood without any bark. The mineral-coated decorative chips are weather-resistant over many years. The special manufacturing method produces colour stability against sunlight (UV stability) as the colouring of the chip is based on stable oxide paints. GaLa DEKO STIXX therefore offers a good alternative to purely organic mulch. This is because the minerals prevent decomposition, and the chips do not go mouldy or rot. Costly and time-consuming subsequent mulching is not required. And as the chips do not rot, the plants are not deprived of any nutrients. This considerably reduces the amount of fertiliser required. And GaLa DEKO STIXX improves the water supply of beds. Thanks to the capillary-breaking properties of the chip layer, irrigation water or rainwater can seep through virtually unhindered. The evaporation of water is reduced considerably. With a basic pH of around 9.0, GaLa DEKO STIXX are able to neutralise acidic media. According to the Fertiliser Ordinance, GaLa DEKO STIXX are classified as a soil additive. The decorative chips are available in three coordinated colours: heather-brown, anthracite and earth-brown.

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